Reviewing Game Consoles in 2019

There have been so many rumors lately regarding two of the hottest and most highly anticipated video games consoles ever to be planned for release in the world of video gaming. These two video consoles are of course the Playstation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox 720 which is completely updated and enhanced edition of these… Read more »

Trading with mobile devices

Can you trade successfully with a standard iPhone? The evolution of the trading world has seen many great new concepts come about over the years but none of these is more innovative than the ability to trade stocks, shares and other commodities via a wide array of mobile devices. One of the most successful of… Read more »

Is Mayfair a good location for an office?

Looking into the viability of moving or opening an office in Mayfair, London If we look at the UK for example, there is a high demand for large organisations to be either based or to offer Trading from Offices in London. Over the past Ten years, there has been a large rise in Banking Institutions… Read more »

What Mobile App Tools are available?

Have you ever wondered what type of mobile app tools are available to you? The mobile app industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today as each day more and more of these wonderful creations make their way onto the open technology market. These apps have many uses for us from… Read more »

Which Fitness App Should I use?

So you are wondering which Fitness Apps you should use? Health and Fitness has become one of the most thought about issues in modern society today as it has become very important to people to ensure that are in good health and get plenty of exercise. Due to this fact we have now seen a… Read more »

What is happening in the mobile gaming sector

Mobile games have become one of the world’s fastest growing industries as the platform has seen huge success ever since the evolution of the smart phone and additional mobile devices. You will now find that more people than ever before now enjoy playing mobile games each day as it offers both fun and excitement as… Read more »

Blackberry Mobile Apps

The Blackberry Smart Phone has fast become one of the most popular and useful mobile devices available to users today and is now one of the most successful devices of its kind in the world today. The Blackberry team have provided the perfect platform for these apps as their devices are extremely smooth running as well… Read more »

How to Trade

Learning how to trade to stock markets – An explanation of day trading and the strategies involved for Trading Facts and Advice. The term `day trading` and in general basic stock trading is put simply the purchasing and sale of various types of financial securities which can be stocks, currency, futures or options with the… Read more »

Mobile App Review

During 2017 we have seen some of the most innovative mobile apps land in the market place covering a huge array of uses that appeal to users from all walks of life. During this period we have been monitoring as many of these apps as possible and have compiled a list of what we feel… Read more »

Is Bingo becoming more popular in 2017?

With mobile games being thrust down our throats at every available opportunity, we thought we would investigate the Bingo industry. Question: Is Bingo becoming more or less popular in 2017? Before we can answer this, I believe we need to take a “Novice View” of this game, in order to see the appeal for younger… Read more »

  • Are Bookmakers allowed to be Casinos?

    It has become quite a popular discussion point over the past few years, as bookmakers implement Casino style machines in there premises. It is a common element of gambling in the UK, and one that has seen a huge increase in consumer spending. The ease of use aspects of this type of game playing ensures… Read more »

  • Useful Facts for Hong Kong Businesses

    We have compiled some useful factual data for Hong Kong Business and also people looking to set up office space in Hong Kong Hong Kong comprises of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, and numerous other small islands. With a population of just over 7 million, it is one of the world’s most populated… Read more »

  • Framework for Debate

    THEME ONE – THE NEW ECONOMY 1: Will new, more flexible forms of intergovernmental body – perhaps including virtual bodies – be needed to regulate the digital economy? 2: Is the nation-state under threat as an economic regulator, and as the prime unit of political will? 3: Does a globalised economy mean greater efficiencies or… Read more »

  • Business Advice & Virtual Thoughts

    Food for virtual thought, theme one: The new economy – And how it does matter where you base your offices, especially for your monetary legal issues. IN A BORDERLESS WORLD, THE MOTTO IS ‘NETWORK OR PERISH’ by Christine Maxwell, Vice Chairman of the Internet Society and Rosa Delgado, Director, Internet Industry Relations, SITA – moderators… Read more »