During 2017 we have seen some of the most innovative mobile apps land in the market place covering a huge array of uses that appeal to users from all walks of life. During this period we have been monitoring as many of these apps as possible and have compiled a list of what we feel are the very best and most popular of these apps to provide you with the very best information of which are the hottest apps around. One of the newest and most downloaded of them all this year is the Tweetdeck App which is basically a social media management application for using with Twitter and Facebook.

The app allows its users to view their social networking profiles via one unique app which eliminates the need for switching between each of them when you wish to view or add to your profiles. Users can post and receive tweets from their profiles as well as view all the associated information on their accounts which can be very useful for those of us who are constantly on the move.

Another great app which has grown considerably in popularity in recent months is the all new WordPress for Android App which takes the world of blogging to all new heights as it provides a great concept which has never seen before. The app provides a state of the art dashboard facility where users can access facilities to create posts on their blog sites as well as moderating comments and viewing statistics of their websites.

The app also incorporates one of the best post editors available today where the user can edit as much media content as they wish with ease right from their mobile device. The app is also readily available for any tablet which uses the Android technology and has been optimized for viewing posts, comments and pages. The next app on our list which we consider to be extremely useful is the Dropbox App which provides its users with the ability to transport all of their important files with them whilst they are out and about. One of the most beneficial features of this app is that it allows users to upload photos and videos to their Dropbox account and then access them wherever they are.

Check out this Google Mobile App Video below:

You can also share your files with all of your friends and family using its easy to use features and controls so you will never have the struggle of emailing files which are considered too big again. Another great feature of this app is that you can set up favourites within your account so you can access your most popular and used files with a simple click of a button.

The final best app of 2012 which we feel fully deserves to be on our list is the Yelp Mobile App which is basically a mobile directory application. In this application users can access one of the largest databases of public services on offer anywhere using its unique search facility. No matter what type of business you are looking for be it a takeaway delivery service or car repairs you can simply search the database by using your post code and the service you are after and the app will deliver to you a list of all businesses offering these services in your postal code area.

The app is very easy to use and not only provides details of the companies but also all of the latest deals and offers available from them. The service of this app is also available without using the app by simply visiting the mobile version of the website if you so wish which is m.yelp.com from your mobile device.

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