So you are wondering which Fitness Apps you should use?

Health and Fitness has become one of the most thought about issues in modern society today as it has become very important to people to ensure that are in good health and get plenty of exercise. Due to this fact we have now seen a huge influx of mobile fitness applications which provide essential information and details on many different fitness regimes and schedules. We have been doing our very best to review as many of these Fitness apps as we possibly could so we could provide you with totally unbiased and accurate information on what are the hottest apps around for this purpose.

Below you will see we have listed our three favourite apps from our research covering the fitness discipline so feel free to browse out findings at your leisure. The first fitness based app we just had to include in our list as it is so good is the Run Keeper Pro App which provides the perfect features for those of you who like to keep fit by the way of running. This extremely useful app allows its users to use state of the art GPS tracking software to follow the route of your runs whilst giving you an accurate account of the distances covered and times.

The app also gives you the facility to store all of your run times and distances so you can then compare them to you future runs which allows you to view your progress over long periods of time. A unique feature that this app has is the ability to share your results and times via many different social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. The app itself is very simplistic in its layout and can be easily used by all and is very smooth running throughout which makes this app so good.

The second fitness app on our list which caught our eye and performed brilliantly during our reviewing process is the Fitness Builder App which offers users the facility to choose from over two hundred unique and very useful physical workouts. This allows the user to create custom workouts if they require it as well as making the most of some of the best workouts ever to be created covering many different aspects of fitness. There are many different aspects of fitness covered in this app such as leg workouts, abdominal workouts and many more so as you can see this app offers it all to its users.

Fitness Weights

The app again is very simple to use in both its basic and advanced features and can be picked up by anyone within minutes. Fitness Builder also incorporates many other features such as thousands of videos, calculators as well as a wide array of fitness timers. We absolutely love this app and this is why we rate it so highly on our list as we feel it literally has everything you could possibly want in a fitness based application.

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The final Fitness App on our list but by no means least is the all new iFitness App which again offers some of the most state of the art fitness regimes and routines on offer today. The app provides its users with many innovative features such as over two hundred and thirty various fitness programs which exercise all muscles in the body. There are also over one hundred extremely innovative and useful instructional videos which ensure you are using the right exercises for the right part of the body you wish to improve. You will also find that there are many brilliant fitness programs which have been created by industry leading experts and are some of the best we have seen.

All these features plus the additional ones such as weight logs, times, calculators and an array of graphing technology make this an app to most definitely watch out for.

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