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Corporate Law Resources for Students

In the United Kingdom corporate law is an every day part of the business world and must be adhered to by all companies operating on our country. This is due to the huge number of transaction performed each day which must be regulated by an official body to provide fair trade and equal opportunities for all businesses. This is especially important to ensure that the consumer receives the best possible options by ensuring a single company can not be in full control of the market. Corporate law in its most basic form is a complete study of the way shareholders, directors as well as employees and creditors interact with each other in the business world.

If you look you will find that the word corporation is associated with the larger public owned companies where there is a board and shareholders. This type of law dates back to the Roman Empire where it was used to govern traders and other types of business and this evolved to how we see it today in every day business. As time progressed and there was more international trade corporate law became much more important as many royal charters were in operation during this time. The regulators of corporate law have some of the most powerful faculties available in any walk of the law with the power to fine and reprimand any company which it feels has breached the rules and regulations of corporate law. The Guardian news paper have a great section detailing the facts surrounding studying law, more details can be found on the Studying Law section of the Guardian website.

This law also refers and helps many types of business litigation as it provides a specific set of rules and charters that must be adhered to and if there is in fact a breach of these laws the company involved would face stiff penalties from the official bodies. Corporate law is now used in every country in the world and is the bench mark of how corporations should run within the laws set out before them. You will find in many elements of corporations that they raise money using many different methods such as various types of business ventures where investors would put in their money on the promise of receiving a large profit for their troubles.

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This law ensures that all investors and the company itself are treated equally and are protected by the law if things should spiral out of control as many transactions of this nature are open for dispute. When looking at corporate law we will see that corporations of all sizes are offered their own legal personality with limited liability for all of its shareholders should the company fail to deliver and fall into debt. Shareholders are the ones that control a company and corporate law ensures their rights are protected in the event of any catastrophic event which could wipe their interests out if the company amasses huge debts which it cannot pay. The Cambridge University host a Law Test for undergraduates to undertake, more details can be found on the Cambridge Test page here.

Corporate law is a very complex entity and there are just too many issues to write about for this article but we hope that you find the basic information we have presented to you informative and goes a long way to help you understand the basic workings of this complex law system.

Further information on this subject can be found on the website we have listed here: http://www.justice.gov.uk/

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